Angie + Darrell Wedding Teasers – Sandals South Coast, Jamaica

A wedding to remember, a couple to cherish, new friends to keep. This was such a memorable wedding and trip. We flew to Jamaica to the Sandals South Coast for Angie + Darrell’s big day! I sang “Jamaica we have a bobsled team the whole way” Along with me came my BFF Kevin Dunham to give them the most spectacular memories we could. They decided to have this wedding with just the two of them and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that (I did the same thing) The wedding after all is about the couple and not about how many people you know that you can invite. The ceremony was beautiful and the love between them unparalleled. The people of Jamaica were very friendly and welcoming as well!

I adore these two and their loving nature and inviting hearts. And they’re also “Nash” So now they really can’t get rid of me! Congratulations you two! Your beautiful wedding will always be near and dear to me.

Ceremony: Sandals South Coast
Makeup/Hair: Red Lane Salon at Sandals South Coast
Photographer: Stephy Wong Photography

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