Bridesmaid Gifts!

Because I go to so many Weddings (for obvious reasons) I get to see a lot of different styles, colors, and decor.  Something else I’ve noticed are the gifts for the bridal party. They sure have come a long way since I got married! There are so many creative items and “useful” things that someone could use. I know they always say to bridesmaids “it’s a dress you can wear again..” but lezbehonest, they never do.   This site has an amazing collection of useful gifts that I wish was available for me then. Everything they have I just want for myself (is that selfish?)  The big thing in the past few years was the matching floral robes and they are still going strong today! They have a really cute set that comes with a glittery sparkly tumbler!


I am all for really practical useful gifts, so I chose to get this leather wristlet

Cute right??


Everything is personalized and customization and free shipping over $75! This was $29.99, and to me please give me this any day over a knick knack with my name on it.  This is awesome because it has so many pockets for your cards (just what I need to add more credit cards) because I have a lot! And room for business cards, separate slot for your ID with a clear window and zippers where you need them. My husband saw it and said “wow, that’s nice” Coming from him, that’s a compliment to anyone. Check them out!

For gifts for your groomsmen, check their other site for more awesomeness!

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