Dubsado is the shit

The old Client management site I used to use decided to stop running so I was left scrambling for another client site. I did a google search and had looked through so many sites and plans that it drove me crazy. I found a blog that showed the top sites people and other vendors like me recommended. I didn’t actually mean to click on Dubsado but God must have meant for it to happen. I was in awe of all they had to offer and the future developments. Not only that, the staff is really friendly and helpful with pretty much anything! I love how easy it was to setup and the continuous support you get from the community facebook page and the on site chat support. If any of my fellow vendors are looking for a new site to manage your bookings, create contracts and send questionnaires, look no further! use this link to access to start your free trial! https://www.dubsado.com/?c=stephywong

Trish + Max Engagement Teasers – Presidio Park/Junipero Museum

We’ve had so much rain that the days for shooting people have been unpredictable (sometimes the weather people lie) but Saturday ended up being the perfect day for Trish and Max. We met at Presidio Park and almost had the whole park to ourselves. The way they came together was totally fate and meant to be. Sometimes it just works out that way. They both lost their mothers as well so having a sign that says “Mom approved” just to show that their mothers would have for sure approved of each other’s partner choices. These two are fun to be around and really nailed their shoot. These two get me, I think I’ll keep them