Sylvia + Carlos Engagement Teasers

This gorgeous couple met in Carlsbad by chance at a business meeting and their relationship continued to blossom from that day on.  Carlos took Sylvia to Santiago on vacation 2 years later and decided he didn’t want to live another day without her by his side and the rest is history

Melissa + Frank (and Dougie) Engagement Teasers

What a lovely evening it was in Balboa park yesterday and hanging with these 3 made it all that much more worth while! The love they have for each other and for Dougie is amazingly sweet. I’ve always been a fan of puggies even though I’ve never had one so this was also a dream […]

Meghan + Ben Engagement Teasers ( and Franklin) – Coronado Engagement

Meghan and Ben compliment each other so well. Ben loves making Meghan laugh, and with good reason, look at her smile! Hanging with them in my old hood was a blast. They brought Ben’s buddy Franklin who just turned one and was sooo well behaved…. Ben and Franklin…. can’t get any cuter…  Congrats you two!