Thompson Family Portrait Teasers – Imperial Beach Pier

This fun family came down south from our northern friends Canada for family vacation! The kids had their first Mexican food since it’s not plentiful up there, and let’s face it, not good, and it wasn’t very well received per Mom. I said they should have got them some gravy on top and it might […]

Joanna + Edward Wedding Teasers – Pala Casino and Resort Wedding

Hanging out with these 2 is an absolute blast. It’s like hanging out with friends who constantly make you laugh that you end up peeing your pants. They got hitched at Pala Casino and Resort on the same day of the K.C. and Jojo concert. Joanna said, I may be MIA for an hour during […]

Mary Bun in the Oven Teasers

When your clients become your friends after you photograph their wedding or first professional photo session, it’s truly an honor to continue on in their lives and watch their family grow. Mary is truly a blessing in my life and has a gorgeous smile and soul. When she wanted a “hippie fairy” type location, I […]