Thanh + Benny Wedding Teasers

These two can make any smile who meets them. Together they are truly what love embodies. Benny’s love for Thanh makes you say “where are all the other Benny’s in the world??” Thanh’s generous nature and gorgeous smile makes you think I could totally be friends with her. Thanh’s vision couldn’t have been any more perfect and the colors really popped! The cookie/brownie dessert bar was amazing. I may have had more than 1, 2, or 3 or 4 cookies and/or brownies

Ceremony/Reception – Private home
Flowers- Sarah Doney
Officiant – Neil Stern
Photographer – Stephy Wong Photography
Caterer- BMackin’ BBQ
Makeup – Aaliyah’s Beauty and Brows
Hair – Michele Motley/Murphy @ Pixie Salon
Cookie Cake – Thanh the bride herself!

Big thanks to my ASS Kevin Dunham

Aveline + Victor 42 years married…

….. and still going strong!
These two got the gift of “me” from their kids for an anniversary shoot since it’s been 42 years! They wanted to include their first grandbaby Adaline also to help celebrate their love

Loni + Andre Bun in the Oven Teasers – Coronado Ferry landing

These two are expecting their first love made together in December and it could be a Christmas baby! Skylar is going to be so loved