Spartan Race 2016 Pala Raceway – Pala

My little husband competed at the Reebok Spartan Race today at the Pala Raceway first time ever and he made it… alive! It took 3 hours to get through 23 obstacles and he only had to do 60 burpees so 2 obstacles weren’t completed. Pretty good old crab. That’ll do. And before any of you say I should do it with him… how in the hell do you think my boobs gonna make it over that wall


I also witnessed a proposal at the Reebok Spartan Race today Pala Raceway Supercross Track I think she said yes! <3. Also…they have no idea i took these photos.. too many people to get to them. I feel like a creepy love paparazzi. I’ve shared with social media to hopefully find the couple and they can have these wonderful memories



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